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Week 2. The Uncertain Eye (1998) video. Parenti, M. (1993) Inventing Reality. Bennett, W. (1988) News: the Politics of Illusion. Lee, M. & Solomon, N. (1991) Unreliable Sources.

Week 3. McGregor, P. (1989) Media, Tim Anderson & Hilton Bombing. Glasgow University Media Group (GUMG), any text. Cohen, S. & Young, J. (1981) Manufacture of News. Tiffen, R. (1989) News & Power.

Week 4. Stauber, J. (1995) Toxic Sludge is Good for You. Herman, E. (1992) Beyond Hypocrisy & Doublespeak Dictionary. Bagdikian, B. (1992) The Media Monopoly. Chomsky, N. (1989) Necessary Illusions. Bell, P. et al (1982) Programmed Politics. In the Name of the Father. (film).

Week 5. Flemington/Kensington Legal Centre. (1992) Police Shootings in Victoria 1987-1989: You Deserve to know the Truth. Christie, N. (1993) Crime Control as Industry. Grabowsky, P. & Wilson, P. (1989) Journalism & Justice. Wood Royal Commission into NSW Police (1997). Ian David interview (1997).

Week 6. The Fetish Speaks (1969). Boorstin, D. (1962) The Image. Williamson, J. (1978) Decoding Advertisements. Schudson. (1984) Advertising: Uneasy Persuasion. 'Capitalist Realism'. Baudrillard, J. (1988) Consumer Society.

Week 7. Ewen, S. & E. (1982) Channels of Desire. Goffman, E. (1979) Gender Advertisements. Coward, R. (1984) Female Desire. Vestergaard, T. (1985) Strategies of Address: Sex and Class. Vaneigem, R. Revolution of Everyday Life. (pp131-150).

Week 8. Lasch, C. (1979) Culture of Narcissism. Redford, R. (dir.) Quiz Show. America in the 50s (video). AdNews. B&T. Packard, V. (1957) Hidden Persuaders. Marcuse, H. (1964) One-dimensional Man.

Week 9. McLaren, M. The Great Rock 'n' Roll Swindle. Tomlinson, A. (1990) Consumption, Identity and Style. Jhally, S. (1989) Advertising as Religion. Giving the Name Away (1992). Reclaim the Streets (1997). Marcus, G. (1989) Lipstick Traces. McLibel: Two Worlds Collide. (video 1997).

Week 10. Goldberg, K. (1990) Barefoot Channel. Radio is My Bomb (1987). 'RAW-FM'(+Blitzkrieg). 'Public TV: It Could Happen to You'. Mander, J. (1978) Four Arguments for the Elimination of TV. Naughton, T. (1993) To Watch is Okay, but to Air is Devine. Channel 31.

Week 11. Cook, J. (Ed.) (1993) Community and Independent TV. Jennings, K. (1993) Sites of Difference. Michaels, E. (1986) Aboriginal Invention of TV. Bostock, L. (1990) The Greater Perspective.

Week 12. Link up Diary (video). Geekgirl. Teflon, Z. Complete Manual of Pirate Radio. Latta, C. (1990) Networking Public TV. Illich, I. (1973) Tools for Conviviality. Bandler, F. (1977) Wacvie.

Week 13. Mok Chiu Yu. (1993) Human Development, Community Organising and People's Theatre in Hong Kong. Downing, J. (1984) Radical Media. Community Quarterly. Baudrillard, J. (1983) In the Shadows of the Silent Majorities. McLuhan, M. (1964) Understanding Media. Postman, M. (1985) Amusing Ourselves to Death.